Thursday, May 30, 2013

What Makes You Blush?

Hello my beauties, I hope this has been a wonderful week for you. Today I have a question for you, what makes you blush? Most people today are scared of a lot of things like snakes, dogs, the boogie man, etc. But there's something else that a lot of women are also scared of, blush. So I'm asking the question, what makes you blush because wearing blush shows another fabulous feature of yours that may be overlooked. All makeup should accent your features and that's what blush does. One thing that you may be worried about is you don't know how to apply it, well that can be easily solved. Simply start at your ear where your hair stops growing with the brush and move towards the bottom of your nose. It's that easy, when choosing a color go with the same color schemes as your lip color. Show those beautiful cheek bones with some color and blush away the day. Remember my beauties to love yourselves.



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