Friday, May 17, 2013

Rihanna Goes Off on JR Smith on Instagram

RiRi is at it again!!! Rihanna recently took to her twitter account to express her feelings about NBA player JR Smith. The two were recently spotted hanging out at a New York night club and shortly after rumors that they were a couple began to surface. Smith's performance on the court also began to decline, his team is now in danger of losing the Eastern Semifinals, and fans are blaming Rihanna.
Now we are all use to RiRi going off on Twitter about either Chris Brown or Ciara but this shows that she does not discriminate!!! And we all thought Chris was the bad guy. I always say people will show you who they really are if you just give them time. It sounds like JR was her latest hit and run victim and she's pissed. Well like grandma use to say- if you keep them legs closed you wouldn't have these issues!!!
See what she had to say below:
What do you think about RiRi's comments?

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