Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pilar Sanders Sued by Capital One Over: What’s NOT in Her Wallet!

Deion Sanders‘ estranged wife is being sued by Capital One for a $6,000 unpaid credit card bill. What a mighty fall for the oh so pretty Pilar Sanders!

Once upon a time not so long ago the football wife of the great Deion Sanders’ would not have thought twice about a $6,000 credit card bill. Unfortunately those days are long gone for Pilar Sanders. According to TMZ, Pilar is being harassed by Capital One for an outstanding bill of $6,160.25.
Damn, we know the big homie Deion Sanders‘ could help his wife out. He got all that money remember:


You are cute as a button, but as Deion “Prime Time” Sanders’ EX wife, you no longer have unlimited access to his pro-football funded fortune.
While I’m sure you used to wipe your behind with six grand, not sure you’re in a position to do so anymore.
According to TMZ:
“We’ve learned … Capital One has slapped Pilar Sanders with a big, fat lawsuit in Texas for allegedly failing to make payments on a $6,160.25 bill … an amount she used to consider chump change.
“We’ve been reporting for months … Pilar and Deion are at WAR — and Prime Time even kicked her out of his Texas mansion. Pilar has lawyered up and wants a cut of the NFL legend’s fortune, estimated at more than $250 million.”
Maybe if she asks her estranged hubby NICELY, he’ll pay the debt.
What do you think?
Story via: TMZ and
Pictures via: Instagram.

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