Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chad Johnson Arrested !!!

Chad Johnson was taken into custody in Broward County Florida after failing to meet the terms of his probation. The arrest was the result of a warrant issued on May 7th from a County judge in Florida. According to the court orders Johnson was supposed to attend domestic violence classes and meet with his probation officer.
Reportedly he didn't complete the ordered classes and missed two meetings with his probation officer. On the second day he was scheduled to meet with his probation officer he was apparently too busy to do so.
He took to Twitter and posted "Chilly in Pasadena," I guess this was more important... Really Chad Johnson??? WTF??? This dude is crazy as HELL!!! So you were Chilly in Pasadena and now you're warmly snuggled with a man... your cell mate!!!
These people kill me... when the man says meet with your PO- meet with your damn PO and do the classes man!!! His whole life should be centered around cleaning up his image and his road to redemption. Instead he's doing dumb irrelevant ish... oh well I guess he's on his way be the next Frankie Lyman!!! For Real!!!

What do you think about Chad's latest drama???

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