Friday, May 17, 2013

Kelly Rowland’s Alleged Abuser Revealed on Ex-Finace Roy Williams’ Twitter Page

Kelly Rowland released her song titled Dirty Laundry”, where she sung about being a victim of domestic violence.
Roy Williams a former NFL player and the ex-fiance of Kelly Rowland went to Twitter to deny any domestic abuse claims.
Roy Williams took to his Twitter page to deny the allegations that he beat Kelly before calling off their engagement in 2006. In Twitter language Roy let the world know that Kelly was not singing about him. He tweeted the following hashtags:
Sports blogger Stiletto Jill then tweeted
“See I thought Cuda not you.”
Williams promptly responded with,
“#bingo but thats not my place to speak on it..”
According to Madame Noire, Cudda or Cudda Love is (or was) rapper Nelly’s manager/body-guard back in the day. Wow!
“Kelly mentioned that this relationship took place a decade ago. Which would have been around 2003, when she and Nelly recorded “Dilemma” and was subsequently spending a lot of time around Nelly and his crew. There are very few pictures of him. But a while ago, Cam’ron posted a picture of Cudda Love on Instagram.”

What do you think about Kelly's comments:

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