Friday, May 24, 2013

Chris Brown & Karrueche Involved In A Fender Bender

Are Chris Brown and Karrueche back together???
Well you know what they say... old flames die hard. The couple were recently involved in a minor fender bender. Chris Reportedly rear-ended a woman's Mercedes with his black Range Rover while riding near Toluca Lake.
The police were not called but Karrueche did take pictures of the scene for insurance purposes. 
The fender bender comes days after Page Six reported that Chris was spotted kissing on Karrueche at the Billboard Awards after party in Vegas.
I think it's great that he's living his life. He's young, rich, and extremely talented. It's later for the BS and drama- we only have one life to live and we have to make the most of it. I knew him and Rihanna wouldn't last. He's a taurus and because the relationship ended abruptly he had to hit a few more times and now... he's done. Hey I don't blame him... he had to do it until it was done. And now it's done!!!
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