Friday, May 17, 2013

Video: Beyonce Performs in Belgium After a Canceled Show

Beyoncé performed for the first time after canceling a show Tuesday night in Antwerp, Belgium due to illness. The pop diva looked great and showed no signs of any lingering sickness as she danced and performed on stage. Also missing was any sign or appearance of a ”baby bump”. So for now, those Beyonce pregnancy rumors appear to be just that…rumors.
Beyoncé posted a handwritten letter of apology to her fans in Antwerp, Belgium for canceling her show. During the concert, Beyoncé showed more love to her fans and told them how much she appreciated their support:
“I feel so good to be on this stage. I have the best fans in the world….Now my doctors told me not perform, but there was no way in the world…I just have to say y’all give me so much inspiration and I just want to thank you guys.”
I am super happy to hear that she is well and back on stage!!!
Do you think Beyoncé is pregnant?

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