Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Recap

Tonight's episode of LHHATL was no different from it's previous episodes... full of drama and man troubles. Check the recap run down below.
Erica and Scrappy- Erica has decided that amid all the drama with Momma Dee- she's going to pump the brakes on the wedding. I think this is the best choice she has made since she's been on the show. And to add insult to injury, she saw messages from another woman in Scrappy's phone. I think his ego was bruised when she called off the engagement but if he can get his momma in check... they will be fine.
Stevie J and Joseline- Lawd have mercy... why the hell are they mad at Karlie for telling what she was told??? They are both dumb as HELL... PERIOD!!!
Mimi and Niko- This guy may not be the cutest and he may even be gay but come on anybody is better than Stevie J!!! I am proud of her for trying to get away from Stevie!!!
Karlie and Benzino- I think Karlie simply tells what she knows... but if you don't want her to tell it don't say it or do it around her... As for Benzino- he is lame and lying like hell. He said that ish about Joseline and now he's trying to take it back. Just be a man about it homie.
Rasheeda and Kirk- What can I say about these two??? I think Rasheeda is good people but Kirk is a slime ball. The reason that her online store is doing well is because he's not in charge of it and he doesn't want her to open a store because he can't have control of it. Gurl drop that zero and get you a hero!!!
K. Michelle- Still telling it like it is but she is crazy as HELL!!! And now she says her V- Box is broken... WTH???
Tracey and Drew- When will Tracey get??? They are not together and he doesn't care!!! He can date, *uck, and have as many women as he wants because he's SINGLE!!! They are not a family... Drew and his son are a family she's just the baby momma!!!
What do you think about the ongoing drama???
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