Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Future: Lil Wayne brought Positive Attention to the Emmett Till Tragedy

In a recent interview with Power 106, Future spoke about the remix of his song Karate Chop,” and Lil Wayne's controversial lyrics where he compares having rough sex to the murder of Emmett Till.
Future says although the situation surrounding the verse was unfortunate, he believes Lil Wayne’s words brought about a ”raised awareness about Emmett Till’s horrific murder.
He told Big Boy’s Neighborhood,
“We did the song with great intentions – I know he did the verse for the art – but speaking on the situation, I can’t speak on it,” he said. “I never thought it was going to get so much attention, but I think overall, the whole situation, he did bring light in a positive way to what happened. Even though [Emmett Till's family] probably thought it was negative, he brought positive energy to the situation because a lot of people don’t even know [who Emmett Till was] – my dad didn’t even know who Emmett was, he thought I was talking about Emmett Smith. I’m talking a lot of that are people around me, credible people, that should be like, ‘Man, you don’t even know who Emmett Till is?’ He raised awareness to people who didn’t even know Emmett Till.”
What in the hell has this world come to when grown people have no idea where they've come from and obviously no damn idea where they're going??? Future has lost his mind if he thinks Lil Wayne did anything other than show the world how ignorant rappers really are. How dare he compare that tragedy in our history to having sex with some jump off. The reason why Wayne thought it was okay to say what he said is because he has no respect for anything or anyone. How would he feel if someone mocked one of his children's lives by exploiting their tragedy??? Oh I forgot he doesn't respect his own children... nor their MOTHERS!!!
Mountain Dew dropped Lil Wayne as a sponsor earlier this month in response to the controversy surrounding the lyrics. Good Job Mountain Dew!!!
What do you think about Future's comments?

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