Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rapper Chris Kelly Remembered at a Public Viewing in Atlanta (Photos)

Kelly's ex girlfriend, Suki Lah and Kris Kross' DJ Nabs
One half of the 90's duo Kris Kross was remembered yesterday at a public viewing. Mourners filled the lobby of the Murray Brother's Funeral Home in Southwest Atlanta as they prepared to view the body of Chris Kelly.
Kelly was found in his home unresponsive on May 1st and was later pronounced dead at Atlanta Medical Center. The cause of death has not been determined but officials believe it was the cause of a drug overdose.
Inside the main chapel on the first row sat Kelly's mother and other immediate family members. Framed pictures of the famed 90's group sat at the head and feet of the rapper as three screens displayed pictures of him, family members, and various entertainer's including Michael Jackson, Gerald Levert, and Jermaine Dupri.
Chris Kelly's mother- Donna Kelly Pratte thanks guests for attending before entering the chapel
Security escorts Kelly's cousin Latoya Wide into the chapel
Family Member entering the chapel
Family Member entering the chapel
Family Member entering the chapel
Family Member entering the chapel
A signed was posted requesting mourner's not to take pictures inside the chapel.
Beautiful and fully blossomed red roses adorned his black and gold coffin as the inscription read "Cause that's what I was born to do..." He wore a polished black suit, accented with a pink tie, and his signature gold hoop earring. Despite what family members described as an "Extensive history with drugs," Chris Kelly seemed to finally be at rest.

Kelly's trainer, Harry Brewster wore his pants backwards in memory of the rapper.
The rapper's uncle, Lemar Williams stood outside the Murray Brother's Funeral home and stated:
"He will be very missed, especially within our family." To the world he was Kris Kross, but to us he was just Chris."
Williams and Kelly's mother, told authorities Kelly had a history of drug abuse and experienced similar episodes in the past.
Kelly's funeral is scheduled for Thursday at Jackson Memorial Baptist Church in Atlanta.
Rest in Peace Chris Kelly.


  1. Just wanted to say His mother Donna did not make that commet the girl who was with him mistakenly said she was Chris's mother ... she would never say her son was a drug addict death under investigation

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  3. The girl Kitta was with Chris from the night before she was there at the house while Chris laid on his couch unresponsive she should have called for help hours before she did instead she cleaned the house up and called her mother...

    1. Please email me so that I can hear what you have to say, you can remain anonymous but I need to speak with you to get the story straight.