Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Is My Hair Shedding Or Breaking?

Hello my beauties, this week I'm going to talk about hair shedding. It is a question that I get asked often because we all want to know if we are loosing too much hair. Me and my sister have always had a large amount of shedding so I thought it was normal. However I understand that the concern is how much hair should shed. Well I'm here to break it down for you. Hair has three stages

anagen, catagen and telogen. Anagen is when the hair is being created from liquide keratin. Next is the catagen stage which is the growing stage. And last id the telogen stage which is when the growth is complete and the strand release from the follicle. This happens  over and over again. So  the way to detect if your hair is shedding normally or breaking off is check the root to see if there is a bulb on the end. If there is a bulb than the strand has gone throught all of the three cycles and there's nothing toi worry about. But if there's a straight end to the the strand there's something your doing to prematurely break off the hair. Most people shed around a hundred strands of hair from their head everyday. This may seem like alot of hair but it's normal. As you can see as soon as the strand completes the telogen stage another strand begins the anagen stage. So don't panic if your shedding alot of hair just check your strands and than change your habits if needed. I hope that I've helped someone with this post today. Remember healthy hair is good hair.

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