Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Exclusive Interview with Andie Clinton of Delectable Delights

The interesting world of creative and unique desserts, are a tasty new trend. From creatively decorated cupcakes to custom and elaborate cakes- these sweets are now more tempting than ever.
I recently attended the birthday celebration for Kontrol Magazine’s editor, Ramzie. While at the event I met a high spirited and ambitious young lady, Andie Clinton. Shortly after meeting she shared with me that she was the artiste of both the custom cupcakes and the uniquely designed pyramid birthday cake.

Andie has created custom desserts for various celebrities in and around Atlanta and her clientele is continuing to grow.

I caught up with Ms. Andie Clinton and got the exclusive scoop on her and her delectable delights…

See details below:

On where she grew up: “I grew up on an island in Charleston, South Carolina with a very close knit family. I have three sisters and I’m the middle child. My mom was always a single parent, hardworking, and she’s a therapist. My outlet was always baking, making cupcakes and doing anything creative.

On how she got started in the baking business: “It started when I was in my last semester of college. I have an associate’s degree in bakery and pastry. So I just decided this was the best thing for me because people always want to eat. They always want to have parties and Atlanta is the place to do it.”

On what inspires her: “My work, my passion, and my clients. After spending many nights baking, when I see my client’s faces it makes it all worth it.”

On what separates her and her business from the others: “I really put my heart and soul into my work. I spend hours critiquing my own work. I’m a perfectionist and I spend hours and hours trying to get it right.”

On her goals: “I want to become a well-known pastry chef and cake decorator.

On her greatest accomplishment: “Being twenty one and owning my own business.”

On her most proud moment: “Moving to Atlanta on my own. I’ve never lived outside my mother’s house. I was always a momma’s girl.

On how she got started: “I’ve been baking since I was ten. I started advertising on craigslist; I have a fan page on Facebook, and just word of mouth.”

On the average cost for a custom cake: “It really depends on the cake. A small cake that feeds 13 people starts at $40. If you’re getting a big cake like Ramzie’s that could run you about 6 or 7 hundred.”

On how long it takes to complete a custom cake: “It can take hours. Everything is made by hand, painted individually, and edible.”

On her favorite dessert: “Cereal. I’m around cakes all the time so I really don’t want it.”

On her signature meal: “My signature dish would be red beans, rice, fried chicken, and corn bread. I can cook, I just don’t want too.”

On your best cake: “The Egyptian cake for Ramzie.”

On your worst cake: “My worst cake would be a cake that I did during school. It was a very rushed assignment, and til this day I haven't shown anyone that cake.”

On what she wants her legacy to be: “I just want people to remember me as a fun loving person. I know there will be people to come after me who can do better work than I can but I just want people to remember me for my great customer service and how down to earth I am. No matter how big I become or how much money I earn- I don’t want to change.”

It was an absolute pleasure speaking to Andie. Her energy, ambition, and tenacity are inspirational. It’s not often that we see a twenty one year old who knows exactly what they want to do in life. But young Andie is an entrepreneur and not only does she know what she wants to do… she’s doing it.

Andie’s talent is beyond measure and I believe the best is yet to come…

I officially stamp Andie a member of the Just Talk family!!!

For more information or to contact Andie Clinton or Delectable Delights follow her on Twitter @ DD_ByAndie, Facebook: Delectable Delights By Andie, www.delectabledelightsbyandie.com , 843.327.0858 or email her at delectabledelightsbyandie@yahoo.com.

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