Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tyler Perry Outted by his ex-Best Friend- Walter Hampton

According to Walter Hampton, Tyler Perry is Gay as gay can be. That's right Walter Hampton outted his so called ex-best friend in a video on Youtube a month ago. Walter states that Perry abandoned the gay community for fame and success. After outing the entertainment guru Walter Hampton received a brutal beating that left his face and arm badly scared.
"Love & Relationships. TYLER PERRY & ME. Years ago TYLER PERRY and I were CLOSE FRIENDS. Tyler Perry actively involved in the BLACK GAY COMMUNITY. But after FAME & FORTUNE ...Tyler Perry no longer IDENTIFIED as a BLACK GAY MAN! and abandoned the Black Gay Community!..WHY?....Well I tell you what he told me as to why he did not want ANYONE to know he was A BLACK GAY MAN!"
Miss Sofia also alleges that Perry stole his act that he has been doing for twenty years. He also states that Perry would frequent Atlanta Gay clubs in search of material for his act and later promised to put him in one of his plays. Ms. Sofia appeared in Perry's "I can do bad all by myself." Miss Sofia discusses her relationship with Perry via a video and how he stole his act.
I have said it before and I will say it again- I don't believe in anyone outing another person. It is unfair, cruel, and down right wrong!!! If Tyler is in the closet that is his business and when he feels comfortable with sharing his story, he will. We must understand that coming out of the closet is a very difficult and personal experience. It affects many people including family, friends, fans, etc. If you want to out someone- out your own gay ASS!!!

To date Perry has neither denied or confirmed the rumors and as of now it is JUST a rumor!
What do you think about the gay rumors about Tyler?

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