Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Eyes For Every Hour

Hello my beauties, today I will be talking about appropriate makeup looks . Everyone should know the difference between a day look, an evening look, and a special occasion look. The right make up in the wrong setting makes you look unfinished. A day look simply means something that looks appropriate for a corporate office setting. Not too much blush or eyeshadow and no bright colors. Nothing too dramatic.

An evening look is when you bring the dramatics, the bright colors, the black smoky eyes, and the lashes. Evening looks are for the gowns and party wear.
Than there are your special occasion looks that can be anything from a wedding or prom to a halloween party. This is when you do anything creative and out of the box.

So now in any atmosphere and for any occasion you will be ready. Remember ladies to have fun and be confident with every look you wear.

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