Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dr. Conrad Murray Speaks from Prison

Conrad Murray, the doctor accused of killing legendary Pop icon Michael Jackson has finally broken his silence about why he will not be testifying in the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial.
Last night, Murray called into "Anderson Cooper 360" from a prison where he is currently serving a four year sentence for the death of Jackson. Initially he maintained that he was not at fault. He insisted his innocence and that he's in the process of appealing the case.

He remarked, "If Michael Jackson were alive he would be upset."
He also sang a short portion of  "The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot." After singing he explained that the song depicted his story and employed sympathy by saying that he never had a Christmas when he was a boy.

See the video below:

It was obvious that Murray was citing the similarities between he and Jackson, he also explained that he's chosen to plead the 5th​ in Katherine Jackson's $40 billion suit against AEG.
I believe Dr. Murray should have gotten more time but what can I say. As for Katherine Jackson... I'm sorry Ms. Jackson- I am for real. But really, $40 billion though??? He asked for this dangerous drug and although I don't approve of what Dr. Murray did, but he is not completely to blame.

He's serving time and Michael paid the ultimate price by losing his life. The only question I'm left to ask is How high are we trying to get??? The lesson here is say no to drugs!!!

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