Thursday, April 4, 2013

Busta Rhymes Goes HAM at Cheesburger Baby in Miami

According to an employee at Cheeseburger Baby in Miami, Busta Rhymes went HAM!!! The employee accused him of yelling homophobic slurs at her and being flat out hostile from the moment he walked in the door. The 21 year Hip Hop vet jumped in front of other customers to get his food faster. The restaurant then told him he had to wait just like everyone else, needless to say Big Busta Rhymes was not happy. Owner Stephanie Vitori claims Busta became “very upset.”
That's when he went HAM- ranting, cursing, and using homophobic slurs. Doesn't he know that gay is the New Normal... and the Kids ain't having it honey, he better calm down before he gets shut down!!! He reportedly did calm down long enough to get his food, but immediately afterwards he went off again because his requested condiments for his burger were on the side. As big and strong as he is you would think he could put the condiments on the burger without any problem... things that make you go hmmmm.
Vitori said, "she was eventually forced to call the cops, but Busta took off before they could arrive."
Vitori also says she later received a call from Busta, who allegedly threatened her by saying he would “come get [them].” According to Vitori the restaurant has hosted numerous celebrities, but Busta seems to be the first to give her a problem.
Busta later took to his twitter account responding, "All I can do is laugh" at the funny sh*t people come up with.

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