Monday, April 8, 2013

Why Janelle Monae only wears Suits & Tuxedos

Super star Janelle Monae looked Amazing this weekend as she celebrated her latest cover for Essence Magazine. In honor of the new cover, she was honored at the posh Mondrian Soho with a star-studded dinner attended by celebrities of Iman, fashion stylist June Ambrose, fashion legend Bethann Hardison, Essence’s Editor at Large Emil Wilbekin and Atlantic Records executives Mike Kyser and Julie Greenwald.
When it was time for Janelle to step up to the mic, she was overwhelmed with emotion as she talked about her humble upbringing, leading by example and how much it meant to her that Essence chose her to represent on their cover:

Afterwards, she revealed to the Huffington Post why she only wears black and white suits and tuxedos:
It’s a dedication to uniformity and I’m a minimalist by heart, but a lot of it had to do with me wanting to have a uniform like the working class, like my mom and my grandmother. My grandmother had 16 sisters and brothers and they all had to share one pair of shoes, and so that’s the family that I come from — I don’t ever want to be detached from that. I use it as motivation for my music and to just keep me centered, grounded and to stay on message.

Ladies  be aware  for my next upcoming post featuring "Pants Suits"
Since Janelle been rocking pants suits for some time now she has set the trend and been ahead of the game for  a while.

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