Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Michael Clarke Duncan’s Sister Claims Omarosa Should Be Investigated

The Duncan family is ready to battle for the estate of late actor Michael Clark Duncan According to TMZ, Michael’s sister, Judy Duncan, wants a lawyer to investigate changes made to Michael’s will in April 2012 that named Duncan’s fiancée and reality TV star, Omarosa Manigault as the primary beneficiary.
Apparently family members, including Duncan's sister, Judy believes the actor wasn't in a right state of mind when changes were made to his will. Judy states Duncan’s health had already begun deteriorating and that he was slurring words at the time of the change. Judy reportedly first doubted Omarosa’s intentions when Michael suffered a heart attack in July 2012. During this time Omarosa was supposedly focused on Duncan’s money.
Reportedly, Judy is also upset that The All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” star sold a portion of Duncan’s belongings, without notifying his family.
Omarosa denies any wrongdoing and tells TMZ she does not control Duncan’s estate. She says Judy is simply trying to get money out of her. Omarosa also claims Judy has been sending her threatening emails for a long time.

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