Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kevin Ware: X-ray and Why He Vows to Never Watch Video of His Injury

From the desk of Justice Bahlee
As we all are aware Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware suffered a traumatic broken leg during the Easter Sunday game against Duke. He later underwent a two-hour surgery to repair the injury and just a day later was photographed standing on crutches. Kevin sat down with Josh Elliot of ‘Good Morning America’ today and continued to display his amazing character and bravery.

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Kevin shared that he is already moving towards recovery to Good Morning America’s Josh Elliot. He vowed never to watch the video of his horrific injury, "Recovery doesn’t include replays. “I feel like if I see the video it’d just haunt me mentally from where I need to be,” Kevin said. “That’s the last thing I want if I’m gonna be on the basketball court again.”
I totally understand why he doesn't want to watch the video- it's hard for fans to watch. I can only imagine how he feels. I think if he watches the video it would hinder his recovery and initiate fear of using his right leg.
With the courage of a champion, Kevin ended his interview with Josh by adding, “I’ll be back next season.”

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