Monday, April 8, 2013

Kim Kardashian Proves She's Really Pregnant

If you didn't believe Kim Kardashian was pregnant before, you can believe it now. Rumors that the Reality TV star was faking her pregnancy drove her to post pictures on Instagram proving she is really pregnant. The rumor was first started by The National Enquirer. The tabloid claimed that Kim's stomach has changed in size several times over the past few weeks and she may have a surrogate carrying her child.
Sources also claim that her pregnancy is a plot for publicity and to expand her current empire, which will eventually attract baby product endorsements and weight-loss deals.

Kim's former boyfriend Ray J recently released a diss Kimye track, "I Hit It First." Kim obviously wasn't as worried about his shenanigans as she was with proving that she's really carrying Kanye's love child.  
A source tells the tabloid:
How convenient is it that Kim got pregnant just as she was making a mad push to wrap up her ongoing divorce from Kris Humphries? Now Kris is claiming the delay in grant­ing a divorce is stressing Kim and the unborn baby. A fake pregnancy cleans up a lot of problems all at once and gar­ners Kim sympathy.
It also would be an insane coincidence that Kim just so happened to get pregnant soon after she learned the girlfriend of her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush – Lilit Avagyan – is pregnant. Best of all, for someone who’s always cooking up new moneymaking schemes, Kim stands to earn a windfall from her pregnancy.
I wouldn’t put something as crazy as faking a pregnancy for publicity and financial gain past Kim and her crafty mom. They’d do anything for more fame and money.
First a sex tape with Ray J, then a short lived marriage to Kris Humphries- Now is a diss track by Ray J and a pregnancy scam rumor from The National Enquirer. What next Kim??? I tell you she keeps us entertained. I think Kim is really pregnant, besides why would anyone want to walk around looking like a pregnant women???
As for Mr. Ray J, I guess a big d*ck alone doesn't get you far in Hollywood. Hey, I get it every body's trying to stay relevant anyway they can... but to come back with a diss track though... where they do that at???
Hear the track below:

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