Monday, June 3, 2013

Lisa Raye McCoy, Dj Fadelf and DJ Hershey Support the 40/40 Fit Club Project

Jonell PR, Stacey J Enterterprise CEO, Lisa Raye McCoy, and DJ Fadelf
The 40/40 Fit CLub launched their 40 day project this Saturday June 1st at Club Enigma. The large sq. footage facility was the perfect place to house all the motivated people who came to work out. The Zumba instructor ‘s dance moves ,spins by Mix Master DJ Fadelf, and the facility gave us
the feel of being at the club with comfortable shoes on. Lisa Raye McCoy gave an inspiration message to everyone about detoxing and getting your birthday suit body
in tip top shape. Lisa Raye challenged everyone to juice for 8days straight green veggies to see what a difference it makes. Ok really she said to do it for 2
weeks and give your digestive system a rest. We have Lisa Raye’s back is completely ok so she can work out with us like DJ Fadelf did. Even though LisaRaye had a very good point about her body giving 25 year olds a run for the money!
Can you believe the instructor has had 3 babies? Wow! That’s them good genes right there!
Dj Fadelf – speaking of good genes – DJ Fadelf must drink water 24/7 cause I know he didn’t have on make up (but then again they were filming) for TV
Stacey J , DJ Fadelf and Lisa Raye commending the classfadelf-LisaR
Guest, Zumba Instructor, Stacey J Enterprise CEO, DJ Fadelf and Lisa Raye receiving tips from DJ Fadelf/ 5 Year Personal Fitness trainer regarding – “sucking it in during the workout, holding your stomach muscles is a workout in itself, and
Stacey J Enterprise CEO and cousin of Lisa Raye  (sweating it out!)
Vendor of the Week (A Skin Care Product) was the highlight (If you have a product you want to feature representing wellness, health or beauty) please send an email to

Vendor, DJ Fadelf and Lisa Raye
DJ Hershey
LisaRaye-FitCLub4040 challenge
Thanks to everyone who showed up for our official launch! Please join 40/40 Fitclub at Club Enigma 10am every Saturday morning!
Stay Tuned for the Video….
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