Saturday, June 15, 2013

Future Talks About Ciara and Rihanna’s Beef and Contemplates WHY ‘Love Song’ Was Not Released as a Single

Future told MTV that Ciara blocked Rihanna from releasing ‘Love Song’ as a single after the 2 fell out.
Wow, this seems really personal when money and business become involved. Check it out!

Future was very candid during his latest interview with MTV about Ciara and Rihanna’s issues. According to him Ciara’s issues with Rihanna prevented ‘Love Song’ from being released as a single.
According to the latest issue of “Source” Future says,
“Sometimes it’s hard to open up about your personal life, your relationship because you always want the music to be in the forefront. You want the music to be the biggest carrier of everything that you represent,”
“We never shot a video, we never performed it. I don’t know whether it was because of that situation or if just the time hasn’t come up,”
Be sure to cop the latest issue of Source to see the full interview with Future.

Do you think Ciara and Rihanna will ever make up?
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