Friday, June 14, 2013

Video: 2 Chainz Robbery Caught on Surveillance Cameras

2 Chainz lands a role on ‘Law & Order: SVU’
2 Chainz tried to brush off the rumors of him being robbed earlier this week; but now we have video of the robbery.
2 Chainz can run! We are not making light of this incident. Thank God he was not hurt or killed should be reiterated after watching this video provided by TMZ.

As we can see he was jacked in broad day light. People are so bold and fearless when it comes to foolishness like this. We are thankful that 2 Chainz and members of his entourage are safe and sound.
Do you think 2 Chainz should be embarrassed by this incident?
We think this could be a great way to show people how to be careful of their surroundings. We walk around casually each day and never know who is checking for us and what we have.
We again are thankful that they are all doing well and did not get hurt.
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