Saturday, June 15, 2013

ODB’s Son is Looking for Damon Dash and Demands ODB’s Recording Masters

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Young Dirty Bastard, the son of the late rapper, Ol Dirty Bastard spoke with J. Medina & Money Nels in an interview about his upcoming projects and his feelings toward Damon Dash . According to the rapper's late son Dash is relentlessly holding on to the rights of his father’s music.
YDB is now an adult, the spitting image of his dad, and also following in his foot steps.
During the interview YDB shared that he is currently working on a new mix tape, is performing around the country, including Rock The Bells, and has a new reality show coming on VH1. But the highlight of the interview was his comments about former Roc-A-Fella Records CEO, Damon Dash.

YDB says,
“Tell Dame Dash that I’m looking for him and I want those masters back right now! “Why we gotta go through the courts when we could do this man-to-man. We need to build about it and let’s get this thing right. He got my father’s songs and I want them back…he had a nice size album and I want it.”
Wow... sounds like YDB is on a paper chase and I hope Damon has his $h*t together, if not I guess this will be another negative story to add to his already declining reputation.
What do you think about YDB?
Do you think he will be as successful as ODB?
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