Friday, June 14, 2013

Fans Encouraged To “Add Graffiti” To Kanye’s “Yeezus” Posters and Kanye Tells Photographer to ‘Shut Up And Don’t Ever Talk’

Kanye West’s encourage fans to add a little art work to “Yeezus” promotional posters and disses photographer.
The cover design for Kanye West’s upcoming album “Yeezus” is getting some creative assistance from fans. Promotional posters for the album encourage fans to add their artistic touches to the very plain cover design. The poster is a simple piece of red tape across a clear CD cover. Posters are encouraged to add a little “Yeezus” graffiti to make the cover a little more unique and compelling.
After seeing the posters’ request that fans “Please Add Graffiti,” Kanye fan Leighton McDonald has created the website, where fans can upload their own versions of Kanye’s album cover. A cool way to engage Kanye West’s fans as we await to premiere of “Yeezus”.
Meantime, Kanye West continues to roll out new music from “Yeezus.” Over the weekend West gave fans at the Governors Ball in New York a peak at new songs from the album. Reportedly titled “I Am A God” and “On Site,” Kanye debuted the new tracks alongside previously released “Yeezus” songs “New Slaves” and “Black Skinhead.” “Yeezus” is set to hit stores on June 18th. In addition to showcasing music and connecting with fans he showed the media his distaste for them. Check this out:

What do you think abut the Graffiti and the video of Kanye telling the photographer to shut up?
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