Friday, June 14, 2013

Beyonce Pens Open Letter to Congratulate Serena Williams on French Open Win; Serena Responds

Pop star and legend in the making, Beyoncé recently penned an open letter to Serena Williams. She penned the letter to congratulate the tennis champion on her recent 2013 French Open win.

Beyoncé recently penned an open letter to Serena Williams to congratulate her on her recent French Open win.
Her friend, Beyoncé, gave her a shout out on her official Facebook page and posted the picture and caption below:
“Go Serena!”
Beyoncé also penned an open letter on her Beyoncé.com website to share how much Serena inspires her and to congratulate her on her win:
Serena Williams took to Twitter to respond to Beyoncé and shared how much Beyoncé inspires her as well:
"Beyoncé but it is you who inspire me. Lets keep on inspiring each other and other women. #LongLiveStunting"
 Congrats to Serena and Beyoncé for being great inspirations to women every where!!!
What do you think about Beyoncé’s letter to Serena and Serena’s response to Beyonce?
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