Friday, June 14, 2013

Will Smith Kisses Son Jaden Smith on Thai TV

Will Smith kissed his 14 year old son Jaden Smith on live TV. That's right... Will gets the most embarrassing Dad of the year award!!! Well not really but I bet Jaden agrees after his live TV stunt.
Will Smith is so goofy and that extends into his parenting style. Will Smith and Jaden was out promoting their new film “After Earth” on Thai TV when an impromptu display of fatherly love took over Will and embarrassed the hell out of Jaden.

The segment took place on the Woody Talk channel earlier this month. The host of Woody Talk, Woody Milintachinda said he sensed some distance between the father and son in the movie. Woody wanted to know if there’s some tension in their father/son relationship in real life. Will the ever clowning papa stated that the two are “very affectionate“, then he leaped upon Jaden and smacked a kiss on his mouth. Check out the video here:

What do you think about this open display of father and son love?
Do you think Will went too far by kissing Jaden on the mouth?
Do you  think Jaden is embarrassed by the PDA or do you think he’s used to his daddy’s antics?
Leave your comments below.

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