Thursday, June 6, 2013

VIDEO Benzino Releases “Smash Da Homie” Joseline Hernandez/Stevie J Diss Track

The big homie Benzino is coming for Joseline Hernandez with his latest track  entitled Smash Da Homie“, the ultimate diss/tell all track.
Benzino has an insane sense of humor as we can see in his latest diss track “”Smash Da Homie“, where he puts Joseline on full blast. The chorus states the following,
“She says she want to get to know me.
Even though she smashed the homie.
 She wanted to do it like some animals! I tried to tell her to keep it low-key.”
We don’t know if this is a revenge track to get at his former friend Stevie J and his lady Joseline Hernandez or if this is an admission of guilt.
Either way we find this whole thing hilarious. Benzino is a grown man creating diss records at a girl. Seems like that is some kind of man law violation.
But I can’t front the beats is the S#IT IN “Smash Da Homie“.
We can infer that Joseline tried to get with Benzino. We can infer that they wanted to do it like some animals.  We can infer that they did it like some ANIMALS and that’s why Stevie J don’t want to be his friend no more.
What happened to bros before well you know….
What is really going on?
Check out the video below:

We love the Joseline Hernandez look-a-like in the background.
Do you think Joseline tried to get with Benzino while she and Stevie J was having their issues?
Do you think Benzino got with his homie’s girlfriend?
What do you think about the video?
Leave your comments below.

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