Saturday, June 15, 2013

Flavor Flav’s Fried Chicken & Ribs Restaurant Facing Eviction

Flavor Flav’s Fried Chicken & Ribs have been hit with eviction papers. What is really going on chicken is always a success!
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Flavor Flav’s Chicken &  Ribs in Sterling Heights, MI is being sued by its landlord for back rent. According to the owner, Flavor Flav has not paid rent since it opened last December.
Flavor Flav how you going to not pay any rent on your business?
This is the last of the 3 friend chicken and rib joints owned and operated by Flavor Flav. The first joint opened in his hometown in Iowa went out of business in 2011 while the Vegas location closed for business in 2012.
TMZ obtained court documents that says the Michigan location is on its final leg unless Flavor Flav cough up $25,000 which will include back rent, late fees, and damages.
Court records show that the Chicken and Rib joint was late in making its monthly payments of $3,500 back in September and October 2012 and they stopped making payments altogether in November.
The landlord warned the restaurant about its problems back in January and now he’s seeking the help of a judge to get Flavor Flav out of the door.
Flavor Flav insists that he is working on it. He says,
“I’m gonna figure out what’s going on and get to the bottom of this ASAP!”
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