Thursday, June 6, 2013

Exclusive Interview with Braxton Cosby: The Man, The Author, and His Vision

I sat down with Author, Braxton Cosby in hopes of obtaining a better understanding of the man who has been credited with creating a new genre in writing: Sci-fance. While speaking with Braxton I learned that he is a man with great tenacity and an unparalleled vision to succeed. His spirit is extremely inspirational and his ideas… are simply mind blowing.

Braxton received his Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate from the University of Miami. He has been happily married for twelve years; he is the father of three beautiful little girls, and an unwavering man of God. He is also the nephew of famed comedian, Bill Cosby.

During the interview he shared his views on health, his vision, and the death of his cousin and Bill Cosby’s son, Ennis Cosby.

On Braxton Cosby the man: “I’m a born again Christian. I was born in L.A., we moved when I was three to Miami where my mom is from, and we moved to Atlanta in 2004 and we’ve been ever since.”

On what inspires him: “If I can just make a change and value that day, that’s good enough for me.”

On how Bill Cosby has influenced him: “He continues to motivate me to a stick-to-itiveness that you need. You know you have your own brand, you feel comfortable in your brand, and they’re going to try to change something about you. It’s not to say that you can’t improve some things but at the same time, if you’re not Justice what’s the point? So continuing to see him, he’s still doing comedy today, and he hasn’t changed. The Cosby Brand is still the same.”

On the death of his cousin Ennis Cosby: “When I learned about his death I was at LSU. I was coming down the stairs on my way to lunch and somebody said “Hey man, you’re cousin got killed.” It was very crass and insensitive. I turned on the TV and it was like really surreal. During the time of Ennis’ murder I tried to dedicate my track season to him and I got hurt. I was upset with God. We weren’t close but Ennis was trying to bring the younger generation together and I believe his spirit still lives on. ”

On his future plans: “I would love to be writing fulltime. I would love to continue to touch lives with the stories I tell. Maybe some entertainment if that comes along where I can continue to push a valuable message everyday about people just really finding themselves.”

On his most proud moment: “Finishing my book. I think I was more proud of what my grandmother would think. She was a teacher for over forty years and she was amazing. Even up until the day she had to retire because she had cancer, she still had respect in the classroom. So I imagine that of she would have seen her grandson with a book, it would have made her proud, so it made me proud.”

On fatherhood: “It’s been amazing, especially raising three girls. I kind of see ladies in a different light. I believe there’s a little girl inside every woman. And I want to raise my girls to keep that little girl inside of them because it’s so valuable.”

On how he motivates others to live a healthy lifestyle: “What I’ve learned now is to get people to answer three questions about their eating. When you eat? What you eat? Why you eat? They need to understand when you eat should be when you’re hungry. The question then becomes what you eat and that’s when I educate people on the things you should put in your body. And then the why you eat. I’m an occasion eater and I love a good pie with a good movie. I challenge people to take your plate and eat half of it and whatever activity you do double it. So the concept is eat less and move more.”

On what makes him standout: “I would say I’m real about it. I grew up in the inner city and I know what people who have less look like. Understanding the fundamental of empowering people and helping them not to be down trodden by what people pick at you to be.”

On creating the Sci-Fance genre in writing: “It was a step out and I thought man this is different. And I said I’m going to call it Sci-Fance because nobody’s really hitting on that. And now ironically there are a few publishers who just do Sci-Fance.

On his upcoming movie with Steven Baldwin: “It’s an end world kind of movie. It follows the book of Daniel and Revelations quite closely and some of the things that were prophesized. It’s filmed in London and some parts in Atlanta. We’re almost finished, it’s an independent film, and we’re seeking distribution so the film can be seen everywhere.”

On what he wants his legacy to be: “I would like to be considered an architect that had a vision, created a blue print, and was able to take the necessary tools to build. I’m only laying a foundation that I want people to build upon.”

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