Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mr. Marcus Sent to Jail for Syphilis

Legendary porn star, Mr. Marcus was reportedly sentenced to 30 days in jail for knowingly exposing at least 2 women/co-workers to syphilis.
Mr. Marcus has been in the news as of late not about his movies but about his health. Last year we discovered that adult movie star infected several female co-stars/workers with syphilis. The discovery and societal backlash caused a halt in the adult film industry.
According to ABC News,
Spencer, who admitted having altered documents recording the results of mandatory medical tests all porn actors must take, pleaded no contest in Los Angeles Superior Court to knowingly exposing another to a communicable disease. He was also sentenced 36 months’ probation and 15 days of community labor.
The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office said Spencer got a penicillin shot on July 13 after having tested positive for syphilis. After he tested positive again eight days later, he altered a photocopy of the original test form, it said.
Spencer worked on two videos later in July. Two women who appeared in the videos noticed that the form had been altered and turned him into police. They tested negative for the disease, the city attorney’s office said.
Most porn producers suspended production for about a month so their actors could get tested beginning in August after Spencer’s case and the case of a second infected man who appeared in gay-themed adult films became public.
The positive tests were recorded before Los Angeles voters approved a referendum measure in November requiring male actors to wear condoms in adult films.
Damn, damn, damn!!! Got to be more careful!!!
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