Saturday, June 1, 2013

H&M Addresses the Beyonce Photoshop Rumors

The highly popular H&M finally addresses the Photoshop rumors surrounding their new summer 2013 campaign featuring Beyoncé.
“The Sun” posted that Beyonce was UPSET about H&M editing her photos to make her appear skinny. According to “The Sun”,
“The star was upset after finding out the company had edited her photos to make her appear less curvy. A source tells the paper Beyonce insisted H&M use the original, untouched images for the final campaign – and apparently she got her way. “
A spokesperson for H&M attempted to clear up the report to “The Sun”.

H&M admitted that there had been some ”discussions” with Beyonce about which photos to use. H&M confirmed that the published pictures were not altered. H&M wants the public to know that,
 ”Both H&M and Beyonce are very happy with the final result.”
So I guess we can put the Photoshop rumors to rest now. It’s good to know that Beyonce has so much control on her image and persona. It’s great to see women with real curves in the media. We see you BEY! ROCK THOSE CURVES GIRL!!!!!!
What do you think about H&M wanting to alter Beyonce’s look?
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