Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Atlanta Real Housewives of Atlanta Kenya “Gone with the Wind Fab” Moore EVICTED from Atlanta Mansion

Kenya Moore’s landlord sued to have her evicted from her $3,999 a month mansion due to failing to pay her rent in full. According to documents filed in Fulton County, Ga., Kenya failed to make the full rent payment for May — she was $848 short — and also defaulted on the terms and conditions of the lease.
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Kenya’s landlord wants his tenant out! The owner of the six-bedroom, six-bathroom mansion in Roswell is seeking rent for June and $2,500 in eviction fees and damages. The sheriff’s department posted the notice on Kenya’s home last Thursday. Kenya might be learning about this on Twitter because according to a source she has not been home to see the notice.
There’s no hurt feelings about Kenya being evicted. Her neighbors describe her as the “neighbor from hell” and the landlord Conya Weems, has been inundated with complaints ever since she moved in the upmarket community specifically to film for the Bravo series. It is being said that Conya Weems is OVER Kenya and all of her Fabulousness,
“The homeowner is incredibly upset at what is unwanted attention that has been caused as a result of Kenya moving into the neighborhood”.
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