Monday, April 1, 2013

Kevin Ware: Louisville Kentucky Basketball Player Suffers a Tragic Broken Leg (Full Video)

This is an example of the brutality in sports. Kevin Ware, a sophomore on the Louisville basketball team, landed awkwardly after contesting a shot and horrifically broke his right leg, his bone popping out of the skin.
Kevin was stretchered off the court, causing a Holt in the game and shattering his Louisville teammates emotionally. The injury was  so tragic it caused one teammate to drop to his knees and several others used their jersey's to shield their faces. Coach Rick Pitino, gathered his squad together as he held back tears.
Louisville’s opponent Duke also struggled to regain their composure after Kevin’s leg collapsed into pieces.
As he was being taken off the court, Kevin encouraged his team, “Don’t worry about me. I’ll be okay, you guys go win this thing.”
Kevin and his team were competing in the Elite Eight, with just three wins away from winning the national championship. Apparently Kevin’s season is over, I hope his leg is able to be restored and he can play basketball again.
Basketball announcer Dick Vitale was stunned as he voiced his support for the Kevin: “Heartbreaking – Kevin Ware has been so important to Cards – very popular with coaches / teammates – wish him the best.”


Coach Rick Pitino confirmed after the game that Kevin broke his leg in two places, and will be out for at least a year. He was rushed to the hospital, where he immediately underwent surgery to repair his leg.
After Kevin was stretchered off the court with about six minutes to go in the first half, Louisville went on to dominate the rest of the game and defeated Duke 85-63. A picture was posted on his Facebook fanpage on Apr. 1st showing Kevin post-surgery, clutching his team’s Final Four trophy with the caption, “surgery went well, Kevin holds the trophy.”
See the video below:

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