Monday, April 1, 2013

Chris Brown Drops New Song and Video

After months and months of ridicule and being the butt of many jokes, Chris Brown has released a new song. That's right the video for "Fine China" was released today.
The song is very soulful and catchy. Very reminiscent of the late Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal video. The video captivates viewer's as if it were a movie and by the time you realize it's not, it ends leaving you wondering what happens next.
“Fine China,” is the first single off of his upcoming album X.
In the new mini movie, he plays a guy in love with an Asian girl with a royal background and her father isn’t accepting of her relationship with Brown. He apparently takes her to the underground where he is from, meanwhile, her father and his goons are hunting for his head.
The video is simply phenomenal! The dance scene, the fight scene, and the choreography are SICK honey!!! Chris you did that and you made MJ proud!!!  
Chris recently told Ebony Magazine:
With “Fine China” you can still feel that kinda “Off the Wall” Michael Jackson vibe but it’s still new and up to date. I really wanted to kind of bring that essence of music back with that single. When you go through the album it’s diverse, it doesn’t just have that one sound.
It's rumored that the song was inspired by his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran.
Catch the new video below:

Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal video below:

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