Monday, February 4, 2013

Soulja Boy: I won $200k on the Super Bowl

Sources say Soulja Boy Won BIG last night ... A whopping $200k Big. Thanks to the victorious Baltimore Ravens. That's right a Super Bowl bet that's placed a nice bulge in his pocket...

Is that $200k in your pocket or are you happy to see me? te,he,he...

The rapper made famous by his hit "Pretty Boy Swag" says "He already has a plan to spend the money."

He was also spotted hanging out with rapper, Sean Kingston in L.A. last night after the game... He  explained why he felt so confident bettin' on the birds. "It's pretty solid logic."

So what's his plan for his winnings? The 22-year-old says he plans on putting it all in his savings... YEAH RIGHT HE'S GONNA SPEND IT ON SOME COOL TATTOO'S!!!

Soulja Boy Now Watch Me Win Video

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