Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rihanna Shows Off her Body While on Vacation

"I Roll Up, I Roll Up, I Roll Up, I Roll Up, I Roll Up"
Yesterday was the pop star’s birthday, Rihanna turned 25 years old! She's wearing this mini yellow bikini as she relaxes... with a blunt in her hand!!! Oh did I forget to mention she's doing this in beautiful Hawaii. Celebrating with her best friend Melissa Forde as they enjoy the sunny island. makes you wonder where's Breezy??? Maybe it's Karrueche's turn this week...
Melissa Forde bff of Rihanna tweeted the above message and hopefully she will instagram some more of these sexy photos of RiRi in a bikini as they celebrate her birthday.
 In Hawaii after their trip to London for Fashion Week. Will Chris Brown arrive soon???
Rihanna the Queen of everything??? Has Beyonce seen this, obviously NOT!!!
A poolside photo as Rihanna shows off her sexy Body….
"We havin a Celebration Love to Stay High"

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