Saturday, February 9, 2013

Allen Iverson Requested to Pay Up!!!

Pay Up AI!!!

Allen Iverson has been no stranger to bad luck. After being labeled a bad father in court and recently losing his Atlanta mansion to foreclosure auction, His lawyer is now claiming he has not paid legal fees. Something to the tune of up to $60,000.

TMZ reports that Jonathan Levine has filed a lien against Allen Iverson in Georgia. Levine claims the NBA star owes $61,098.86 in legal bills from his recent divorce battle. And although the proceedings were finalized in January, Levine has still not received his fees.

Levine states the debt is from hours billed for worked in 2012 before he withdrew himself from the case. Levine claims the reason he withdrew- He couldn’t properly communicate with Iverson. Iverson later hired a new attorney who handled his settlement.

In the documents filed if Iverson doesn’t pay Levine can start going after the few assets he has left.

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