Monday, February 4, 2013

Did Beyoncé Redeem Herself at Super Bowl XLVIII

Beyoncé Performs at Super Bowl XLVIII and Destiny's Child Reunite
The Super Bowl is done and rumors that Destiny’s Child will reunite are true. The famed trio performed during the 2013 "Super Bowl Halftime Show" in New Orleans on Sunday Feb 3.
Although Beyoncé incorporated the group in the performance the 31-year-old entertainer used the majority of her time to showcase all the reasons why she left the group in the first place.
Beyoncé shined with pure star power, delivering the kind of charisma and stage presence that attracts the attention of people of all walks of life. From her lucrative Pepsi endorsements to her enticing perfumes, Beyoncé definitely has what it takes.
She sang and danced with all confidence and ease, despite the fact that she was constantly in motion throughout the show that was held at the Super dome and aired on national TV. Was she lip singing again??? Maybe… Maybe not. Only time will tell...
She opened the show with a condensed version of her 2003 single "Crazy in Love," traversing quickly into a satisfying rendition of "End of Time" (from her fourth studio album, 2011's "4"). After which Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland joined her as they appeared on stage in a flash and the Destiny's Child reunion was in full effect.
The trio then reached into its back catalog for the smash hit "Independent Women Part I" and then turned to Beyoncé’s solo songbook for the hit "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)." When concluded the brief reunion was over, as Beyoncé finished the show.
The disappointment of the show was that Beyoncé’s husband, Jay-Z, didn't join her for "Crazy in Love." I think that would have taken the performance to the next level.
Beyoncé’s appearance was just one of the musical highlights of the night.
Alicia Keys also performed a heartfelt version of the National Anthem. Soon after the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers took the playing field.
The 14-time Grammy winner, who is also scheduled to appear March 10 at Oracle Arena in Oakland, delivered a radically different version of "The Star-Spangled Banner." It was the arctic opposite of some of the memorable vocal versions of past Super Bowls, such as the infamous Whitney Houston's memorable class in vocal gymnastics before the 1991 game in Tampa, FL.
Keys sat at the piano and sang slowly at the start of the difficult number, handling the words with extra care. The rendition was fragrant, soft and gasping, radiating a relaxed vibe that seemed nearly impossible for the occasion. She showed unusual restraint at the start, ultimately moving to a greater degree of passion as the song progressively moved toward a powerful climax.
The pregame show also included a heartfelt delivery of "America the Beautiful," performed by the Sandy Hook Elementary School students, along with significant help from songtress Jennifer Hudson.
Overall I enjoyed watching Baltimore make Marylanders proud. Yay Ravens!!! I think Beyoncé is better as a solo act but occasionally adding Kelly Roland to the mix wouldn’t be a bad Idea. I was not wowed by Beyoncé’s performance but the stage settings including multiple lights, fire, and more was spectacular.

I think Michelle is better suited for Gospel… From the dumb founded expressions on her face to the awkward way she posed after being catapulted from the ground onto the stage. She is just not pop star material and she is surely not capable of hanging with the talents of neither Beyoncé nor Kelly Rowland.

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