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Ceaser: VH1's Black Ink Crew Reality TV Star

“People want to script things to make it feel like this but this is for real.”

Ceaser: Vh1’s Black Ink Crew Reality TV Star, Business Owner and Tattoo Artist

The demand to get to know America’s Reality TV stars is in demand. So I sought out to get to know Vh1’s Black Ink Crew owner Ceaser. Ceaser took the time to do an exclusive interview with Just Talk with Justice Bahlee as he was leaving his house in Harlem, New York.

He spoke very candidly as he answered various questions about the show, his fellow cast mates, his relationship with Dutchess, and his future plans. I learned that he’s a native of New York, who has been tattooing for the past 7 years and owning Black Ink for 5 years.
I asked him how the opportunity for a VH1 Reality TV show came about: “Originally they came to me with the idea of me doing it on my own. They wanted me to break off from Black Ink, but I told them we are family and if I eat we all eat. That ain’t how it go; we’re going to just keep this in the family. At the time I didn’t own Black Ink I just worked there. After we shot the pilot with VH1, the owner did some bull$h*t, and didn’t pay the rent. They told us six days before we were about to get evicted that they didn’t have the shop anymore and basically we had to move all of our stuff. So basically I had to empty my savings out and pick Black Ink back up. So I met with the owner, he asked for one month’s rent and a security deposit. He could have acted differently but he wanted to see me successful and I really appreciate that.”

Has the show increased business at the shop: Yeah a hundredfold.”

Are tattoos by appointment only: For me yes. I had to do that because people have been acting crazy calling up talking about I’m their baby daddy.”

How much does the average Tattoo cost: We ain’t on no Hollywood stuff. $60 and up.”

What was the best and worst tattoo you ever did: “People may not think this is my best tattoo but to me it’s the most meaningful. It was a tribal tattoo to cover up scar on a lady’s face. Her story is basically like the General’s daughter but a black version. She suffered the scars during a rape at West Point and she had it until she was an old lady.” His worst tattoo: “My worst tattoo was when this lady came in smelling like horse $h*t to the 1000 degree.” We both laughed as he explained and he seemed to be pretty disgusted as he remembered the experience.

Who’s the best tattoo artist in the shop: “Me, of course.”

How does Black Ink stand out from its competitor’s:For many reasons. Specifically because we’re black, we’re young, and we put out quality work. Other tattoo shops can say yeah they’re black but they not putting out quality work like we are and plus they don’t flow like us. People want to script things to make it feel like this but this is for real.”

“Some people need trophies but I don’t need all that I just need to make sure my daughter is fine”

Would you consider moving to another city like ATL or LA to open another shop: “It’s funny you should say that. I was thinking about moving down to Atlanta to open another shop. LA too but I figure more so Atlanta because of the black culture.”

Has the show caused any problems or issues at the shop or in your life:My baby momma drama went up a whole lot. She went from trying to put the courts on me to trying to put her hands on me. As far as the shop is concerned it’s crazy too. People waking by taking pictures, coming in taking pictures, and asking for pictures. It’s something new and that you have to get used to.”

How old were you when you got your first tattoo:  “17, I got a stupid Mortal Kombat tattoo. Then I got a cross on my stomach and it hurt so much I didn’t get it finished. I was supposed to get my mother’s name on it. And the funny thing is that’s the tattoo she kicked me out of the house for."

How many tattoos do you have:  I don’t know exactly but it’s in the 30’s. I stop counting because I basically get tattoos when I feel like it.” He told me he had just got a new tattoo a few days prior, a skull and rose on his neck.

Do you have any names of ex-girlfriend’s tattooed on you: “Hell no, I don’t believe in that. I will never, ever do that.”

Does your daughter’s mother have a problem with your public attraction to Dutchess:At first she was trying to play cool and collected. But I think she has a problem now.”

Are you and Dutchess a Couple:You have to watch the show to find that out.”  As we all know from watching episode 6, months of flirting, and chemistry that Stevie Wonder could see… They finally went on a date… And my man Ceaser came correct with flowers and the whole nine yards. Dutchess’ response was tears of appreciation. I’m not sure but Ms. Dutchess may become the First Lady of Black Ink.

Are you ready for a serious relationship: “Yeah.”

What type of women are you attracted to: “They have to be Intelligent, beautiful, and creative.”

Do you want more kids: “I can’t say no to that. If it happens, it happens. Kids are a blessing in the right situation so they can grow. I always say kids are a blessing.”

What are your future plans: “I feel like since we’re up and coming I need to use this platform to unite our culture. Maybe we can do some tattoo conventions, tour the country, and do some publications or something.”
What would you want your legacy to be: “Honestly, I want it to be my daughter. If she can live off of my name and go on to create a name for herself that would be the greatest. Some people need trophies but I don’t need all that I just need to make sure my daughter is fine. A lot of people don’t make sure their kids are okay. I mean I know she’s going to be stressed but I rather leave her with that stress than to have her depending on a man and he does her dirty and she can’t pay her bills.”

I had a great time talking to Ceaser, he says what he means, and he knows exactly what he wants. I wish him and the Black Ink Crew much success. He also assured me that when he came to Atlanta we would hang out!!! Can you say P-A-R-T-Y!!!
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