Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Police Chief In Chris Brown Probation Case Suddenly Resigns

"Everybody's Talking All this Stuff About Me Why Don't They Just Let Me Live"
Lately everything we hear regarding Chris brown is eith controversial or just down right BAD. Now the police chief involved in his probation case who allegedly signed off on Brown’s community service has resigned.

TMZ reports, Bryan Norwood, Chief of the PD in Richmond, Virginia, is the official involved in signing off on Chris Brown’s community service that is in question. The LA County DA is claiming that the hours were never performed. Norwood was responsible for removing the case from Richmond Police Department. He also wrote a letter to vouch for Brown's hours.

Richmond city Mayor said that his office and Norwood reached a ”mutual agreement” for his resignation. Sources say he resigned to get a similar position in Raleigh, North Carolina, but it pretty coincidental that it’s happening during the speculations. If Brown is unable to verify his community service hours per judge’s orders he can get a probation violation charge

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