Sunday, February 3, 2013

Beyonce's Promo Pictures Leaked

Beyonce Preparing for 2013 Tour

It looks like Queen Beyonce is preparing for her next tour!
The 31-year-old mega star is already kicking off 2013 right, and it looks like she's going to continue making her mark in the industry throughout the year!
A promo picture of the upcoming tour wast just released, and I'm sure her fans are excited.
Fashioned in what appears to be some royal wear, the name of the tour is really what captures your attention, The tour is dedicated to the singer's husband Jay-Z and titled "The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour."

There's no further details on the tour yet, such as dates or locations, but we know that it will come soon enough and we can rush to get our tickets!

In interviews this past week Bey has remained tight lipped on what's going down at the Super Bowl but she has said:

"I may have an announcement after the performance -- fans should just stay tuned to see."

As we all know she is a workaholic but she brings it on stage. I look forward to seeing what Bey has in store...


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