Sunday, February 3, 2013

Justin Bieber is Out of Control... Smoking Weed and Sippin on Sizzurp

Justin Bieber Out of Control...


Justin Bieber has been photographed smoking weed again, this time with Lil Z. Someone is now shopping the photos to media outlets. In the photos Bieber, and Lil Za are seen casually passing a blunt back and forth outside of an L.A. home. Also in the photo Beiber, Lil Twist, and Lil Za are seen at a table rolling blunts.
It has also been reported that the 18 year old mega star was photographed drinking out of a double cup which is a known style of consuming sizzurp made popular by Lil Wayne.
Sources directly connected with Bieber stated "Justin adamantly denies using the drug, but cops to using pot." In the photo no one is seen actually consuming the drug.
Lil Za was also pulled over and detained Friday while driving Bieber's white Ferrari for driving without a license. He later allowed Lil Twist to borrow the car and he wrecked it. The repair cost... Up to $10,000!!!
Despite the fender bender the Biebs didn't seem to bothered. He and Lil Twist later posted photos of them riding four wheelers.
I don't know but it seems like the Canadian boy next door is headed down a destructive path.

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