Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lil Wayne Sends a Blast Out on Twitter

"I'mma Start a Riot, I'mma I'mma Start a Riot"

Lil Wayne sends a twitter blast. As we all know Wayne had a little trouble at the Miami Heat game last week, which ultimately ended in him leaving the game. After the incident he took to twitter... In a public performance he blasted NBA player Chris Bosh by saying that he "F*cked" his wife, and now he's sending a little twitter hate.

"Kiss my a$$ if u hatin, I'm gettin a$$ or I'm sk8'n...b!+€#"

I really want to be a fan of these new age rapper's but every time I try to give them a second chance they do some bamma ish!!! I really don't think it was necessary for him to say he slept with Bosh's wife. If his beef was with Chris he should have went to him like a man. But these dumb chicks continue to sleep with him and he continues to treat them like hoes!!! The only one who learned her lesson and moved on was Toya... I hope that her and Memphis make it and that K. Michelle's accusations don't turn into the six o'clock news...

I continue to say REAL men don't talk about what they do in bed, they be about what they do in bed.

Wayne's recent single "I ain't got no worries," apparently isn't his current theme music. Chill out Wayne and relax... If you're bored with rapping the same words to a different track, try counting your dollars... You've got MILLIONS!!!

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