Thursday, February 21, 2013

Megan Good Talks About Her Relationship Scrutiny with Devon Franklin

Super actress Mega Good was taking a break from filming her new NBC drama series, Deception, when she was spotted chilling and shopping with her husband Devon Franklin at The Grove in West Hollywood. Last week, the couple sat down with Toure Roberts of the One Church International and shared some of the scrutiny they’ve faced in their relationship. According to Good the two has faced harsh judgement due to the public’s misconception of her from the characters she's played.
While discussing the public’s reaction to their engagement, Devon revealed:
The moment that the news broke, it was on TMZ. It was interesting because the moment that it broke, when you look at what they wrote, their whole thing was trying to show a contrast. Meagan Good engaged to an Adventist preacher. Now mind you, my day job — I’m a studio executive and Sony pays my bills. They called her a ‘Californication’ actress; the subtext was “Is this for real? This won’t last.” That first announcement went viral. I got people from everywhere Facebook, Twitter, texting me, emailing me, some were supportive but others were like what is going on?
See what happens is, good or bad, someone sees a public person and they don’t know you, they only know about you. Based upon what they know about you, they make a judgment on what is good for you, but they don’t know you. This whole idea of he’s a preacher and she’s this, it blew my mind how many people had an opinion when God is the only one who directs our story, so he knows where our story is going to go. The danger is when we live for religion or when we live for other people’s opinion we begin to let them develop our story when they have no idea where the story is going.
So there were some people who were trying to give me notes on my story that she didn’t belong in my script. Based on their perception of what they thought my story was supposed to be about, they didn’t see how she fit or how I fit in her script. But I’m saying wait a minute, when was the last time that you went before God before you gave me this note. Before you posted that comment, did you pray and say Lord is this what you want me to say.
I’m following God and I’m not going to worry about what you think it looks like or not because I know what he’s told me to do. So there were people I literally just had to say, “I don’t want to hear it. Shut it down, I’m not listening to your foolishness.” When God gives you a vision, a lot of people would see the persona of Meagan, but I would see Meagan because God revealed and showed me who she was. So when I see who she really is, and I see her, I see me and I’m like that’s me. So anybody that would come against it based on perception it would just be like you don’t know and you don’t get it and its okay but over time, you’ll watch our movie, and you will see how it all makes sense.
Meagan Good also added:
I’m so passionate about what was said to me. “You are not a real Christian, you are not this, and you are not that.” I love God so much, I love him with everything [Starts crying.] To have people tell you that, to all the misfits, underdogs, and the people who are looked down upon, my heart goes out to them and people who are judged on their appearance, and what they’ve been through. It breaks my heart.
I realize that God has put me in the position to tell those people I look just like you. It doesn’t matter if you are in King Magazine, at the end of the day, God has promises for you too, and God loves you too. There is nobody in this room that’s any better than you.
People think that I just got saved when I met DeVon or the year before but I’ve been saved since I was 12. I’ve been loving the lord since I was a little girl. The woman that God already made me, flaws and all, is the woman that Devon fell in love with, not the woman that I became after I met him.
I hope we all can learn a lesson from Megan's story about not letting people choose for you. Everything is not always as it seems. And sometimes people just need to mind their own business, especially SO CALLED CHURCH FOLK!!! You know the ones that are praying on Sunday, cussing on Monday, and going straight to HELL by Tuesday!!!

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