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Rasheeda:Talks LHHA, Relationships and her Feud with K. Michelle

"I’m getting geared up for more music and more things.”
Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is no doubt a hit. From the drama surrounding Stevie J, his longtime girlfriend and daughter’s mother Mimi Faust, and his permanent side chick—Joseline Hernandez to the fuming madness between the “Boss Chick” Rasheeda and R&B singer K. Michelle. While watching the first season I felt compelled to see how things turned out.  Every episode seemed to end with a cliff hanger constraining viewers and assuring they would tune in the following week.
Now that season one is over and the taping for season two is well underway I sought out to talk to Rasheeda and find out what she’s been doing since LHHA, and what viewers can expect next season…
I spoke with rapper and business woman, Rasheeda as she was on her way to tape LHHA. As we chatted she was open and very straightforward about her views and opinions.
On What Rasheeda has been working on since LHHA
“Oh my gosh a lot. My website is doing extremely well. I’ve been building that and expanding that. I’ve added apparel and other things. And I’m looking for a location for that. I’ve been all around the United States promoting the album “Boss Chick Music,” I’m just promoting and doing shows and just really holding it down. It’s been an amazing year. And already I’m back taping. I’m getting a lot of songs played on TV like “Nashville and Bad Girls Club.” And now I’m getting geared up for more music and more things.”
On the positives learned from the Drama and tension on the show
“I don’t know about positive, positive. But there are a few things I want people to know, just because you see a few minutes of a person on television doesn’t mean that’s who they are.  But some of the positive things, it was good to be able to see myself and my husband go through our issues on television. To actually watch it kind of helped in a sense. It’s been crazy… But it’s been a great experience though.”
"You just have to understand that those things don’t bother me."
On the rumors and allegations surrounding her and husband/manager Kirk Frost
“I think when it comes to dealing with stuff like that when you know who you are, where you come from, and what you’re made of… You just have to understand that those things don’t bother me. One thing we understood is that you have to take the bitter with the sweet. And people are going to say things about you that a lot of times that are so untrue and one the thing about the press is they’ll pull out all of the negative stuff they can pull out. But let you be out here really doing some positive stuff and you’ll never know it because they could care less about the positive things. I just look at it look honey these people don’t even know me, they don’t know us.”
I assured her that I am absolutely not interested in exploiting anyone. I never have been and I NEVER will be. True journalism and interviewing is about the interviewee feeling comfortable enough to speak freely without worrying about people misconstruing their words or selling their private details. People feel that they can talk to me, like they can trust me, and they can.
"You can have some of the people fooled some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time."
On her least favorite cast mate
“I don’t even have to answer that do I? The girl with the big ole fake butt.”
On the letter she wrote about K. Michelle’s behavior
“I was at one of those points where I was like okay by the time I get off of another plane, if I hear another interview come out of this dumb girl’s mouth- I want to break her neck. That’s how I was feeling but at the end of the day I really was like fed up. You can have some of the people fooled some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time. To be honest your character card is ratchet as hell and you better watch your step. I look at it like a person who continues to throw stones… Why are you throwing them? Why are you so angry? Why are you mad? I’ve never done anything to you and I have my opinion. So at the end of the day I just say some people come into your life for a reason and boy I’ll be glad when that’s over.”
On if she thinks K. Michelle’s needs therapy or is it all for attention
“I think she has some issues from her past. Mentally and totally-- past, present, and future. She does everything for attention. A person that just wakes up and tweets about you out the blue… I am not thinking about your a*s let alone tweet or talk about you like that. The only time I talk about her is when she’s mentioned and sometimes I’ll do interviews and I won’t even talk about it. I definitely know it’s for attention because if you pay attention to season one all she did was talk about people, start sh*t with people, and talk about that story. Other than that she didn’t have anything else going on. So everything was for attention.”
"I’m not a hundred percent sure but from what I see and from knowing him… I can’t see that."

On if she thinks Memphitz abused K. Michelle in any way

"Let me say this… I’m not a hundred percent sure but from what I see and from knowing him… I can’t see that. And more than likely she’s lying.

On if there is any chance for reconciliation between her and K. Michelle

On the possibility of a sit down for a truce between her and K. Michelle
“She’s not mentally capable of having a logical conversation with a woman like me, so no.”
"I think she’s just jealous of me and my crazy, beautiful, successful friends who all have men in their lives."
On if her loyalty and friendship with Toya is keeping the feud going
“Of course, and I think it’s even deeper than that. I think she’s just jealous of me and my crazy, beautiful, successful friends who all have men in their lives. And even me being married. If you really pay attention the things that she’s says about me and other people are actually the problems she has within herself.”

On what viewers can look forward to next season
“You’ll be able to see more real relationship issues that I think a lot of people in the world have gone through or are going through. You’ll get to know me a little more… definitely a little more. You’ll get to step into my music lane and my Boss lane. Other than that I can’t give you too much more… You’ll have to just watch and see what happens…
On what fans can expect from Rasheeda in the future
“Well I’m working on a new album… “Also be on the lookout for my new single from the “Boss Chick Music” album called “Hit it from the back.” It’s going to be very cool, very ghetto. And check out my website “”
On what she wants her legacy to be
“What I want my legacy to be is… When I turn on her music or when I see her on television that’s the woman who made me feel empowered. She made me feel good, confident, driven, and motivated. A woman who wasn’t scared to stand on her own two feet, say what she wanted to say, or feel how she wanted to feel. And at the same time say to other women, the sky is the limit. Do you, be classy, and be respectful.”
Rasheeda and I ended the conversation with her answering questions many inquired about and leaving nothing unsaid. I enjoyed talking to Rasheeda, her outspoken demeanor and jovial personality made my job easier. For more information on the “Boss Chick” herself you can follow her on twitter @rasheeda or I officially stamp Rasheeda a part of the Just Talk family.

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