Friday, February 8, 2013

"Christopher Dorner Sends Anderson Cooper a Bullet Riddled Coin"

Before going on a ramped shooting spree ... former L.A.P.D. cop Christopher Dorner sent CNN anchor Anderson Cooper a package, containing a note, a DVD, and a coin riddled with bullet holes, according to Cooper.

Cooper tweeted about the package, saying he only learned yesterday that the package was sent to him.

According to CNN, the item was delivered to Cooper's assistant on February 1st. The delivery contained a hand-labeled DVD with a sticky note that read "I never lied." Dorner was apprently referring to when he was fired from th L.A.P.D. in 2008, Wolf Blitzer commented.

Also inside was a coin wrapped in duct tape, which was inscribed with "Thanks but no thanks, Will Bratton." Bratton was the LAPD Chief until 2009. The  coin was also inscribed with the letters "IMOA," which stands for "Imagine a More Open America."

The coin bullet hole filled coin was alledgedly given by the LAPD as a souvenir.

Dorner took to Facebook posting a tedious message just before going on an alleged shooting spree, in which he's accused of one police officer and two others.

Correspondingly he also included, Anderson Cooper in a composed list of journalists he claims to respect, saying, "Keep up the great work."

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