Saturday, July 20, 2013

Photos: D. Wade’s Ex-Wife Siohvaughn Funches’ Spotted on the Streets

D. Wade’s ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches’  was spotted in Chicago in front of a federal building with a sign saying she’s homeless. This is not the sort of press D. Wade needs in the wake of his recent big win. What's really going on with their relationship? Is she really living on the streets? Is this a publicity ploy to garner attention and sympathy?
We don’t know but these pictures are crazy and they are all over the net.
When will this saga ever end?
According to the rumor mill the person who captured the pictures claim they overheard Funches ranting about “$90 million contracts” and “houses on the water.” Earlier this month, Funches sued Wade over proceeds from his endorsement deals; maybe this is a way to garner public support for her cause. Dwayne Wade and Siohvaughn Funches had a nasty divorce/custody battle that resulted in her losing custody of her 2 young songs.
It appears that Siohvaughn is in more trouble as she was spotted in Chicago outside of a federal building “sharing her story”.

We need this broad to get a job. Cues on Ms. Independent:

But if she is really having this hard of a time D. Wade needs to help her out! I mean damn she is the mother of his children!
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via: Deadspin

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  1. As far as I am Concerned there are too many Other Important things' going on in The World to be worried about This Situation, There are too many people that are really homeless in this world, and a person like me that is working from paycheck to paycheck trying to make a living, so no I do not feel sorry for her. I do believe, she continues to do this nonsense stuff because like most women The relationship is over and she hate to see him with someone else.