Wednesday, July 24, 2013

No New Kids: Slim Thug Gets A Vasectomy

Slim Thug Gets a Vasectomy

Slim Thug won’t be adding to the population ever again. He got his little swimmers shut down.

The other day, he posted a post-operation photo of himself at the hospital following a vasectomy, with the caption:
#NoNewKids #NoNewBabymamas #NoMoChildSupport #NoLittleGirl just me and my 3 Boyz
I’m laying in my bed, watchin’ TV with my feet kicked up and ice pack on my balls. That’s what it’s gonna be for the night…foot surgery in the morning.
This comes just a year after he told a Houston radio station that abortions are necessary for some situations, especially if both parents aren’t going to be around and it’s like birth control.
I think abortion is necessary on some occasions. People be against it, but people don’t deal with the real life situations some people deal with. I don’t think it’s right, I don’t think it’s good to have a baby and not be with the father. That’s part of the biggest problem. My mother, she took care of me, but she was working 7 days-a-week, 12 hours-a-day. That was a struggle, I seen how much she struggled and it was so hard coming up. I don’t even know who my daddy is. I don’t like that. I think a kid deserves both his parents. That’s why I think if you ain’t gonna be with somebody, you don’t need to have a kid with him. Even though I got 3 baby mamas…. it’s working out. But it ain’t right. I ain’t saying wait 3 or 4 months. If it’s immediate, it’s like birth control to me.
This seems very responsible of Slim to do. If only more men with kids by multiple women they don’t plan to marry would take heed…
Meanwhile, Slim also received bunion surgery while at the hospital.
Slim Thug Gets Bunion Surgery

If his feet are looking like this post-surgery, lord only knows what those things looked like beforehand.  This is a man’s feet who has never worn heels in his life, so you can imagine what some women feet will look like after years of wearing painful heels like “red bottoms.” Ladies, you’ve been warned.

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