Monday, July 8, 2013

Blow the Whistle: Too Short’s Porsche Impounded

Too Short was pulled over and lost his Porsche.
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Somebody blow the whistle. Too Short (Todd Shaw) was pulled over by police in L.A. last Friday for not having license plates on the car. Once he was pulled over, the police discovered Short’s license had been suspended.
According to law enforcement sources, Too Short was cited for driving on a suspended license and the Porsche was impounded. He ended up catching a ride home in a limo (classy).
Too Short’s people says that he’s not upset at all. They say,
“That’s just the way he rolls.”
It’s unclear if he has since retrieved the car.
It’s the second automotive issue the he has had. Remember we told you about the him getting busted for a DUI and attempting to run away from the police back in March. We really don’t mean to laugh but this dude is pure comedy. Who runs away from a traffic stop or catch a limo ride after their car is impounded? Tomfoolery. Let’s keep him and his cars in our thoughts and prayers.
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Source via: TMZ.
Photos via: Instagram.

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